How to Out-Grunge Someone Else’s Clothing

Hi to all of you on the Internet. My name is Rachel and it is my turn to write a blog for this site. I sat and thought and thought about what topic to cover and then it finally hit me. I could write about how to out-grunge someone else’s clothing. You see, my friend Lisa, another contributor to this blog, always brags about how grungy her clothing is and how it is the epitome of the style. But I really want to outdo her and show her that she is not the leader when it comes to this style. This left me thinking about ways to out-grunge someone else’s clothing, and I decided to share my tips with you.

  • Google Some of Your Favorite Grunge Bands

The first thing you can do to out-grunge someone is to search images for some of your favorite grunge bands. This is a good place to gather ideas for new grunge looks that you may not have even considered trying. Trying to replicate some of the types of clothing and styles that your icons are wearing.

  • Hit Up Thrift Stores

Another way to out-grunge someone is to check out the offerings at local thrift stores. When you think of grunge clothing, you typically think of ripped denim, flannel and grunge band shirts. But there are a lot of interesting pieces that can pair well with this style that you may not think about until you see it. Hitting up the thrift store is a great place to seek pieces of clothing that are not main stream, allowing you to out-grunge your nemesis.

  • Transform Your Hair

Lastly, if your are trying to out-grunge a female, don’t forget about your hair. Wearing a grungy hairstyle, such as a wavy look that looks like you just rolled out of bed, can be the perfect accessory to any outfit, completing your look.