My Favorite Grunge Outfits

Hello, It’s Lisa here writing this blog for you. Today I decided that I wanted to go into depth and tell you about some of my favorite grunge outfits. As you likely know, grunge outfits for girls typically revolve around black ripped jeans, a band t-shirt and a flannel. The outfit can be accentuated with combat boots and a beanie, when it’s cold out. However, while I love grunge clothing, I am also finding that I love some of the newest trends that are coming out, and these surprisingly can be combined with some of my favorite pieces.

For example, instead of a band t-shirt under my flannel, I am wearing a halter. This updates the look to look hot and sexy, while still looking grungy and edgy. The striped sweater is also a trendy piece right now. It has a very Kurt Cobain look and feel to it. It pairs well with ripped jeans, yet gives off a different look than a regular flannel. The last twist to a grungy look that I am digging is the chambray shirt. The chambray shirt, or basically a lighter denim shirt, can be worn over a rock t-shirt. An unfitted one pairs well with ripped jeans or cut off jean shorts. It is a great way to do something different than a flannel shirt, while still keeping up with the grungy, unfitted look.

If you love to dess in the grunge style, but are tired of just flannels, ripped jeans and rock t-shirts, there are many ways to venture out without losing the feel you are going for with your clothes. I hope some of my favorite ideas gave you new grunge look ideas.