Parents Just Don’t Understand

I am writing this blog out of pure frustration, but I am sure many of you readers can sympathize with me. Just like many of you, I prefer to dress in a grunge style. I love my old flannels and jeans that are worn in. Not only does it represent who I am as a person, but it is comfortable. I hate following trends and shopping, so I could care less about what brands are popular or what styles are popular. To me, the grunge style will always be good enough for me.

However, me and my mother do not see eye-to-eye on this issue. She is embarrassed of the way I dress and thinks I look like a bum. In fact, she told me that she is prohibiting me from dressing like this anymore. It embarrasses her and she is afraid if her friends, colleagues or our family see, they will think that we are poor or that she cannot afford to properly dress me I think that she is being downright ridiculous and she is placing too much value in what other people think.

I do not know how this argument is going to end. I half worry that one day when I am at school or at band practice she will go in my room with a garbage bag and throw away all of my grunge clothing and fill my closet with clothes that I will never wear. If she does this, I will be livid and will head to a thrift shop to buy my own threads. But one thing is for certain. I am not backing down and I have a feeling she is not either. Wish me luck in my fight for my freedom to wear what I want.