The Making of My Grunge Music Video

Hello blog readers. Today it is I, Martin, who will be writing this blog for you to enjoy. And I have some exciting news to share with you all. I am making my first grunge music video. That’s right. I’m creating a video playing my original grunge song and showcasing some of my friends in the video.

Currently, I have filmed scenes for the video around the local skate park, near an interesting looking tree at a quiet park and down around the train tracks where no one typically ventures. I really want to have a grungy look and feel to the video, so after it is shot, I am thinking about turning it into a black and white or sepia tone to really give it that old school feel. But as a modern twist, I may add pops of color.

I still need to shoot myself and my band playing, so I need to find a cool venue for that scene. I’m thinking maybe shooting outside of an old rundown warehouse or even on the outskirts of a cemetery at night. I also need to find someone who can shoot for me and has the style I am looking for.

I am really excited for this music video as it will be both the first time that I make a music video and that my band has a music video. When it is completed, I will post it here for all of you to see.