Why I Love Dressing in Grunge Clothing

Unless you have dressed in grunge clothing, you may not understand why those who wear it love dressing this way. When you view those of us who wear this style, you may view the clothing as being tattered, old, or dirty. However, there is a reason many of us who love this style continue to wear it.

This whole issue started with my mother and father. You see, we go to church and I have to go to Sunday school every Sunday. It is their rules and if I don’t, they won’t let me go to band practice, so I go. However, they force me to wear a suit. I hate wearing a suit. It is stuffy and uncomfortable. It is stiff and I can’t feel like I can move very well. When I told my mother about how much I hate wearing a suit, she told me at least I look more presentable than when I wear those old tattered rags I normally wear. She then asked me why I like to dress like that when I can wear nicer items and be more presentable.

I enjoy wearing grunge clothing simply because it is comfortable. Think of how comfortable it feels to slide into a well-worn pair of jeans. They fit your body well and since they are worn, they are not stiff. And I enjoy wearing cotton tees and flannels, because again, they are comfortable. I don’t have to wear itchy sweaters or hooded sweatshirts that make me feel like a sweaty pig. If you have ever wondered why someone dresses in grunge clothing, it is because the style speaks to them and they enjoy being comfortable.